Nov 08

Ever since I started my own blogging site using wordpress blogging framework I was trying to find out if there is any way to publish my blog post on different pages. But all I came to know from here is that ‘We simply can’t”. Since I always wanted to separate my technical and non technical items to different pages and couldn’t find any workaround for the same I was even thinking of opting for some other framework like zoomla that supports the same. But for the sake of effort needed to migrate the old data I kept on postponing the idea. Today again I was googling to find out if anything come up in resent version but again disappointed. I even tried finding any plugin that can facilitate the same and while exploring the wordpress plug-in library I found this wonderful workaround!!!
There is no single plug-in for the same but what I did is I used two altogether different plug-ins meant for different purpose :)
1) The first one is  page-links-to plugin and other one is
2) Opt-In Front Page Plugin

For those who still looking for some workaround:

  • Install the above two plug-ins.
  • Crete a new category with category slug as blog or news.
  • Add the above category to all the postings that you want to display on your front page
  • Create a different category for each of the pages you want to post articles. (Remember not to set slug as blog for these category)
  • Create different pages and set the link to URL as corresponding category url. Now when somebody will click on your page he would be redirected to corresponding category page!

Hope this will help wordpress addict blogger :)
Keep pressing!!!

written by Om

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9 Responses to “Word Press: Posting on Different Pages ….Finally I did it !!!”

  1. 1. Topaybloold Says:

    thank you

  2. 2. Madelief Says:

    Tanx! Just what I was looking for.
    Now I’ve only fix my breadcrumbs. They stil give the cat path and I want the page path. I use Breadcrumb NavXT. Have you experience with this problem?

  3. 3. vlad Says:

    Hi. great post, can you get step by step instruction for that? I can’t get it to work. Thanks you.

  4. 4. Rob Says:

    Thanks I had heard about the page-links-to plug in, but hadn’t tried it.

    Your post persuaded me to test it and it’s working perfectly.
    I have two test PAGES- Cats, Dogs,
    and two CATEGORIES – dfordogs, cforcats.

    I copied the url for the CATEGORY of cforcats and pasted it into the page-links-to option ‘point to this url’ which is at the very bottom of the Cats PAGE when editing or writing it.

    Now all posts in the Dog category are heading over to the Dogs page, and Cats go to Cats- brilliant!! and very simple to set up. I’m using WP 3.0

  5. 5. Johnny Says:

    Quick question for you Rob,
    What do you mean you copied the url for the CATEGORY into the page-links-to option?
    so like

    I am still having a difficult time figuring this out. If anybody could help, it would be great

  6. 6. Joshua Spodek Says:

    Thanks for posting what you figured out. I followed your advice for my own page. It was simple and did what I wanted. My next step is to customize each category’s theme so viewing one part will look different than viewing another.

    Anyway, I linked to this page and quoted you here — Let me know if that’s a problem, but I hope it gets you a few more hits.


  7. 7. support Says:

    That’s a good post.

  8. 8. hundredtwentyeightytwo Says:

    Hi there!

    I think this is what I am looking for but I really don’t understand how I am supposed to install this. I have been searching all forums about this subject but still I don’t know how to fix it.

    All I want is to post my messages on two different pages (or categories what most people recommend). Now I am just able to post on one page called ’story’. I like to post (photos) on my second page called ‘pics’.

    Please take a look at my website
    ( )and tell me how I can change this. For the record, I am not an computer genius! ;)

    Thanks in advance!

  9. 9. Samantha Says:

    You are freakin AWESOME!!!! Thanks SO MUCH, I’ve been trying to figure this out for days!!!!


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